Insider Tips

1 The Shuttle Systems

Instead of driving to Zion Canyon, where there is limited parking, leave your car parked for free at LaFave. Take the free town shuttle that leaves directly from in front of LaFave and it will drop you off at the park entrance.

Then board the separate park shuttle at the visitor center. Take the shuttle up Zion Canyon and get off at the 9 stops to explore the wonders of Zion. The final shuttle stop ends at the Temple of Sinawava (where the Riverwalk Walk and the Zion Narrows begin).

2 Parking

We recommend taking the free town shuttle directly from LaFave in Springdale to avoid trying to find parking in Zion. The town shuttle is a convenient way to get around Springdale instead of driving.

We have a Springdale town shuttle stop immediately in front of the LaFave property to easily get around town and into the park. There is parking to be found in Springdale, but it can be crowded and expensive during the busy season (but not nearly as bad as trying to find parking in Zion National Park).

3 Where to Eat

We have 4 great restaurants within walking distance of LaFave. We would recommend all of these 4 restaurants. See LaFave’s full restaurant guide and recommendations.

Because each of the rental units at LaFave has beautiful full kitchens plus an outdoor grill, cooking at LaFave is also a great option. We have 3 grocery stores in town. We recommend Sol Foods Supermarket to purchase groceries (located just 0.3 miles up the road).

4 Avoiding Crowds

If you are going up Zion Canyon, the best advice to avoid crowds (other than coming in the early spring or winter season) is to leave early in the morning or later in the afternoon/evening. Both of these times of day also offer cooler temperatures to beat the summer heat.

If you really want to avoid crowds, then we suggest visiting two other zones of Zion that see far fewer visitors (and still offer jaw-dropping scenery): the Upper East Canyon and the Kolob Terrace Road zone. Both of these sections are about a 20-30 minute drive away in your car (the shuttle only operates in the main Zion Canyon).

5 Zion Wilderness

And our final insider tip: Have a wilderness experience on your trip to Zion! We recommend having at least one type of wilderness experience before you leave: do a remote hike, explore a slot canyon, hike to a remote vista, or find a place to disappear (even if only for 30 minutes).

Although Zion may be crowded, there are still many places in the park to disappear and reconnect with nature.

See our hiking guide for ideas of hikes to experience the Zion wilderness.