Sightseeing – Exploring



One of the best excursions is to take the free hop-on, hop-off shuttle bus up the main Zion Canyon and enjoy the views of this world-famous canyon.

The main Zion Canyon holds most of the sites that Zion is known for: the Narrows, Angels Landing, the Emerald Pools, The Great White Throne, the Court of the Patriarchs.


1 Before you board the shuttle, start by checking out the Zion Canyon Visitor Center and view the exhibits and maps of the park. There is also an excellent bookstore to peruse.

Then board the tram to go up the canyon. At stop #2 there is a little museum to check out the history and peoples of the park (Zion Human History Museum).

2 As you re-board the shuttle and enter the main Zion Canyon, get off at several stops to take in the views and let them inspire you. Note the canyon walls that rise to the rim more than 2,500 feet above.

Some of the towering monoliths that you see rise over 3,800 feet above the canyon floor! Observe the massive boulders that have crashed down from high above over the many eons.

3 As you go further up the canyon, envision what it was like to visit this canyon hundreds or even thousands of years ago when Native Americans gathered here to hunt.

Or imagine what life was like more recently as a pioneer farmer in the 1800’s, such as the Behunin family that settled here in 1863. The canyon floor was farmed all the way up until 1909 when Zion became a monument.

4 Continue on in the shuttle up past stop #6 and note Angels Landing come into view. Next up is The Great White Throne, one of the most impressive peaks in the park (and subject of many artistic works).

As you pass stop #8 at the Big Bend Viewpoint, get out and look up to the high ridge to the west. Here you can see the hikers as little dots 1,000 feet overhead working their way up the Angels Landing hike. Also, if you have keen eyes, you can see the rock climbers here.

5 In 2019, a family of California Condors nested on the cliff directly below the trail up to Angels Landing and successfully hatched a chick. This was a big deal that attracted national media attention. Visitors from all over the world came to see the condors.

We had guests at LaFave that visited from all the way across the country just to see these majestic birds that sport wingspans up to 10 feet.

6 Take the shuttle to the last stop (#9) at The Temple of Sinawava. This is where the canyon begins to narrow and the paved Riverside Walk begins. It goes for 1 mile until the Zion Narrows begin.

If you have time and you are able, get out and do this Riverside Walk. It’s easy, and it’s extremely beautiful—the river and the canyon look majestic here. If you were to continue on and walk up the Narrows hike, eventually the canyon walls taper down to just 20-30 feet!