16 Hikes We Recommend

LaFave Hiking Guide

We have taken great care to present only the hikes that we think bring you the most satisfaction — with a good mix of scenic value, river and creek experiences, dramatic vistas, narrow canyons, greenery, and exposure to scenery unique to Zion.


We methodically trekked through 80+ trails in the Zion area to bring you the very best ones. If a hike made it into this LaFave hiking guide, then it’s worth doing. We’ve left out many hikes that aren’t as memorable or scenic — all hikes listed here are the cream of the crop.

There are many hikes listed by park services that are mediocre at best — for example, The Sand Bench Trail. Leave it off your list and take our advice: the hikes we list are worth doing in your limited time here.


3 stars: You won't be disappointed. Any hike mentioned in our guide is worth doing.
3.5 stars: A great hike. A 3 star hike on our guide is a 5 star hike anywhere else but Zion.
4 stars: Fabulous hike. You love Zion for hikes like these.
4.5 stars: You came to Zion for these special gems. This is an extraordinary hike.
5 stars: A world-class hike — it's a must-do in your lifetime.


Easy rated hikes range from 1.2 miles to 4 miles and gain less than 100 feet in elevation. These hikes offer a look at some of the natural history of Zion National Park. The hikes in this category offer a great Zion experience for those with a limited amount of time to spend in the park.

Our moderate-rated hikes range from 1 mile up to 10 miles and have an elevation gain ranging from 160-400 feet. These moderate hikes offer incredible views of Zion Canyon and the Upper East Canyon.

Our strenuous-rated hikes range from 5 to 18 miles and have elevation gains of up to 3,000 ft. These hikes require some planning and good physical conditioning. These trails are challenging, but also offer the greatest rewards. They are also the best places to have a true wilderness experience in Zion.

Starting Zones of the Recommended Hikes