Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking Near Zion

The mountain biking is so good in the Zion region that there is an entire mountain biking sub-culture that resides here. There are an endless number of epic trails in this region — too many to list in this guide.

Keep in mind that mountain biking is only allowed on the Pa’rus Trail within Zion National Park. You may also ride on the roads in Zion — but if biking on dirt is what makes you happy, then you will need to get your fix outside the park boundaries.

We will leave it to other guidebooks to give you all the detailed info on mountain biking in the greater Zion area. But, as a quick teaser, these 3 mountain biking trails are arguably the best trails close to Zion. So if you have some experience mountain biking, and you want to hit the trails for a day, then head over to Zion Cycles in Springdale to rent a mountain bike and experience the magic of a ride here.


1. JEM TRAIL (13 mile trail)

If you’re looking to go fast, enjoy the views, and not worry about climbing too much, while still getting a nice section of technical switchbacks in, then the JEM Trail is for you. There are a variety of beginner/intermediate to advanced options, with quick little splits along the trails for the advanced mountain biker. JEM is a classic of the area, and has been thoughtfully designed with mountain bikers in mind— plenty of flow and fun bermed corners.


Perhaps one of the most well-known trail systems in Southern Utah for its world-class trails full of technical singletrack, rolling slickrock, and incredible views of Zion National Park. The trails are well-marked with signs at the junctions and spray paint markers on the slickrock to keep you on track. You’ll get both the challenges and rewards of riding on the bare rock. With miles of singletrack that can be linked together on the mesa, there are options for beginner to advanced riders.

3. THE WHOLE GUACAMOLE (11 mile loop)

Advanced trail that offers a good challenge with amazing views. Guacamole has a little bit of everything for riders. Start on slickrock and move to singletrack as you venture further out on the loop. The outer loop has some very nice singletrack.